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Higher, Further, Faster

Despite a perfect feeding, our horse sometimes miss es a bit more power. Especially before important competitions - if it comes down to it - at the end of an exhausting tournament weekend, during the covering season, dur ing stallion presentations... There are certainly more examples worth being menti oned. In situations like this, a performance booster would be welcome which should, however, still preserve the horse's suppleness.

Biointelligent Nutrition

A liquid performance booster of the new generation - with t urbo factor

- energy boost from the mitochondria

- preserving the physical strength by protecting muscles, nerv es and tissue

- high bioavailability through lecithin micelles

Energy from the mitochondria

The work of the muscles and of all organs of the horse depends on the energy supply from millions of mitochondria. By processing the nutrients stored in the component fee d with the help of oxygen, these tiny little cellular power plants produce the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) r equired for the work of the muscles and for the metabolism. It makes no sense to offer a performance horse high-en ergy feed when at the same time the mitochondria do not perfectly work. Functional vital substances lik e particularly all B vitamins, L-carnitine and enzyme components like coenzyme Q10 support the work of the mitocho ndria and may thus bring too early tiring horses a new energy boost.

In order to produce energy, the mitochondria constantly pr ocess high amounts of oxygen compounds, providing an abundant target for oxygen radical attacks. The presumed role of antioxidants is to neutralize free radicals. A deficiency in antioxidants leads to an increased mitochondria l decay. QELAN contains antioxidants like natural vitamin E, C, selenium and coenzyme Q10, either in direct form or added as a yeast extract component. All these antioxidants are – like all other QELAN-ingredients – available a s highly-digestible lecithin micelles which considerably improves the frequently difficult bioavailability of vital substances (“turbo factor”). Equine scientific studies from Kentucky substantiated the efficacies of QELAN. The stud ies showed a significantly higher absorption of vitamin E in the blood for the supplementation with vitamin E micelles than with conventional vitamin E.

Protection for muscles and organs

The intensive metabolism of active competition horses and breed ing stock inevitably leads to the production of cellular harmful oxygen radicals in the organism. Without a healthy antioxidant protection mechanism of the tissue, early damages in tissue might be the result. The cellular vita lity in general benefits from the mentioned antioxidants in QELAN: in the muscles, in the blood vessels, in the reproducti ve tract, in the nervous system, in the lungs and in all other organs. This also considerably coun teracts the loss of power, nervousness, infertility, loss of tissue mass and early ageing symptoms. Especially elder compe tition horses and breeding stock will benefit from QELAN.

Feeding Recommendation

We recommend 30 g per day for large horses (approx. 2 tablespoons) Just add the required amount to the feed or water o n the day of the performance requirement (if possible , 30 minutes before the start time).

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